Ways of the Sea
aka Halaw
Screened in October 2011
Director: Sheron Dayoc. Cast: John Arcilla, Arnalyn Ismael, Aljimar Hajijol, Maria Isabel Lopez, Ross-Ann Dalkis, Anelyn Carino, Justies Love Matchon, Nursiya Darangina, Edgardo Sumicad Jr., Randy Arnodia, Reden Silven, Joel Bustamante, Fharwis Amil, Amman Sahi, Nasri Tawasil. Screenplay: Sheron Dayoc.

Twitter Capsule: Unhurried, affecting migrant drama. Could use more shaping but atmosphere, long takes amply distinguish it.

VOR:   I've never seen this area of the Philippines explored, with its religious and cultural heteroglossia. More assured than inventive, I suppose, but rigorous and focused.

Photo © 2010 Cinemalaya Foundation

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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