First screened in September 2016
Director: Händl Klaus. Cast: Lukas Turtur, Philipp Hochmair, Thomas Stipsits, Manuel Rubey, Cornelius Meister, Sebastian Löschberger, Anders Nyqvist, Maria Grün, Benedikt Leitner, Johannes Kubitschek, Petra Hartl, Rudolf Illavsky, Anais Tamisier, Violane Regnier, Gerald Votava, Gabriela Hegedüs, Vitus Wieser. Screenplay: Händl Klaus.

Twitter Capsule: A gay 45 Years? An indoor, domesticated Stranger by the Lake? Sometimes your own household is the real loneliest planet.

VOR:   This movie really floored me—its approach to long-term monogamy, to gay couplehood, and to animals as subjects all felt smart and unusual.

Photo © 2016 Coop99 Filmproduktion/First Run Features

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

Berlin Film Festival: Teddy Award (Best LGBTQ Feature)

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