The Square (2017)
First screened in September 2017
Director: Ruben Östlund. Cast: Claes Bang, Terry Notary, Elisabeth Moss, Christopher Læsso, Marina Schiptjenko, Elijandro Edouard, Daniel Hallberg, Martin Sööder, Lisa Stephenson Engstrom, Lilianne Mardon, Sofie Hamilton, Iman Mirbioki, Madeleine Barwén Trollvik, Dominic West. Screenplay: Ruben Östlund.

Twitter Capsule: I prefer Östlund's scene-building to his image-making or storytelling. Fits and starts, but flashes of wit and lucidity.

VOR:   Rather than presuming liberal white masculinity as a norm, Östlund treats it as a tragicomic problem. Not every insight is fresh, but the effort matters.

Photo © 2017 Magnolia Pictures/Plattform Produktion

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Foreign Language Film

Other Awards:
Cannes Film Festival: Palme d'or (Best Picture); Vulcain Technical Prize (Josefin Åsberg, production design)

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