A Sort of Family
aka Una especie de familia
First screened in October 2017
Director: Diego Lerman. Cast: Bárbara Lennie, Yanina Ávila, Daniel Aráoz, Claudio Tolcachir, Paula Cohen. Screenplay: Diego Lerman and María Meira.

Twitter Capsule: Well-shot black-market adoption drama as tense as any thriller. Complex analyses of region, characters, politics.

VOR:   Risky, artfully rolled-out revelations: about an unreliable protagonist, a painful backstory, a concealed economy, a disavowed class structure.

Photo © 2017 El Campo Cine/27 Films Production/Bellotta Films/Bossa Nova Films/
INCAA/Productora MG/Red Rental/Snowglobe Films/Staron Films/Telefe

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

Chicago International Film Festival: Gold Hugo (Best Picture)

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