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Reeling LGBT Film Festival 2018

Best Narrative Feature:Canary, South Africa, dir. Christiaan Olwagen
Audience Award, Narrative:The Happy Prince, UK, dir. Rupert Everett

Best Documentary Feature:The Rest I Make Up, USA, dir. Michelle Memran
Audience Award, Documentary:Conversations with Gay Elders: Kerby Lauderdale, USA, dir. David Weissman

Features I Saw at Reeling:
Includes some films I saw previously
Ranked in order of preference
My Best of the Fest

Shakedown (USA, dir. Leilah Weinraub) - Seamy and rough on first pass, but the edits and sound are so forceful and sustained they become hypnotic. Weirdly noble.


Buddies (USA, dir. Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.) - Sort of rudimentary technique but harnesses its simplicity to powerful ends. Admirably complex messaging about HIV/AIDS.

He Loves Me (Greece, dir. Konstantinos Menelaou) - As if Julián Hernández made a Greek Boys in the Sand. Unique eye. Risks repetitive montage and sound-image divorce.

Christabel (Brazil, dir. Alex Levy-Heller) - Transposition of Coleridge to a Brazilian backwater has its longueurs but sustains ripe ambience and defers good shocks.

Mixed Bags

The Rest I Make Up (USA, dir. Michelle Memran) - Moving at moments but too often Agnès Varda-fies Fornés, recasting a great, brave artist into a winsome sprite.

Call Her Ganda (USA, dir. PJ Raval) - Brings valuable attention to a loaded case but flails badly in so many areas of story, editing, and point of view.

The Happy Prince (UK, dir. Rupert Everett) - Everett brings conviction to all his tasks but his skill with direction and montage fall well short of his goals.

Not Recommended

Devil's Path (USA, dir. Matthew Montgomery) - Quite solid production values but its genre trappings, its narrative, and most other elements tilt toward the risible.

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