Paris Square
aka Praça Paris
First screened in October 2017
Director: Lúcia Murat. Cast: Joana de Verona, Grace Passô, Alex Brasil, Digão Ribeiro, Marco Antonio Caponi, Babu Santana, Daniel Braga, Rafael d'Avila, Allefe Santos. Screenplay: Lúcia Murat and Raphael Montes.

Twitter Capsule: Passô's performance is strong, but little else jells in this fragmented film. Critiques racism; at times commits it.

VOR:   Film may take enough chances to stir up worthy discussions in Brazil but I still don't see it exercising a firm grip on its volatile discourses.

Photo © 2017 Taiga Filmes/Cepa Audiovisual/Fado Filmes

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C–

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