Our Mothers
aka Nuestras madres
First screened in September 2019
Director: César Díaz. Cast: Armando Espitia, Aurelia Caal, Emma Dib, Julio Serrano Echevarría, Victor Moreira. Screenplay: César Díaz.

Twitter Capsule: Good topic, moving setup, but neither the director nor his lead actor demonstrate the skills to fulfill such promise.

VOR:   Leans too hard on inexpressive actor; cuts and shots repeatedly felt predictable. Still, many viewers respond more strongly than I did. Merits attention.

Photo © 2019 Need Productions/Perspective Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Cannes Film Festival: Caméra d'or (Best First Feature)
Chicago International Film Festival: Silver Hugo (Grand Jury Prize for New Directors Competition)

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