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The Movies of 1933: World Premieres
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Updated: 11 Feb 2023, with Our Betters, I'm No Angel, and Land without Bread

42nd Street Dir. Lloyd Bacon. Ruby Keeler, Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels A–

Apart from You Dir. Mikio Naruse. Mitsuko Yoshikawa, Sumiko Mizukubo B+

Baby Face Dir. Alfred E. Green. Barbara Stanwyck, George Brent A–
Berkeley Square Dir. Frank Lloyd. Leslie Howard, Heather Angel, Valerie Taylor C
The Bitter Tea of General Yen Dir. Frank Capra. Barbara Stanwyck B+
Blondie Johnson Dir. Ray Enright. Joan Blondell, Chester Morris, Earle Foxe B

Cavalcade Dir. Frank Lloyd. Diana Wynyard, Clive Brook, Una O'Connor C+
Christopher Strong Dir. Dorothy Arzner. Colin Clive, Katharine Hepburn B–
Counsellor at Law Dir. William Wyler. John Barrymore, Bebe Daniels B+

Design for Living Dir. Ernst Lubitsch. Miriam Hopkins, Fredric March C+
Dinner at Eight Dir. George Cukor. Lionel Barrmore, Billie Burke B+
Duck Soup Dir. Leo McCarey. Marx Brothers, Margaret Dumont, Louis Calhern A–

The Emperor Jones Dir. Dudley Murphy. Paul Robeson, Dudley Digges B+
Employees' Entrance Dir. Roy Del Ruth. Warren William, Loretta Young B

Female Dir. Michael Curtiz, William Wellman. Ruth Chatterton, George Brent B
Flying Down to Rio Dir. Thornton Freeland. Gene Raymond, Dolores de Rio C–

Gold Diggers of 1933 Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. Joan Blondell, Ruby Keeler B

Heroes for Sale Dir. William Wellman. Richard Barthelmess, Gordon Westcott B+

I'm No Angel Dir. Wesley Ruggles. Mae West, Cary Grant, Kent Taylor B–
The Invisible Man Dir. James Whale. Claude Rains, William Harrigan B+

King Kong Dir. Merian C. Cooper, Ernest B. Schoedsack. Fay Wray A

Ladies They Talk About Dir. Howard Bretherton, William Keighley C
Land without Bread Dir. Luis Buñuel. Documentary about Las Hurdes region B
Lady for a Day Dir. Frank Capra. Warren William, May Robson, Ned Sparks B
Lilly Turner Dir. William Wellman. Ruth Chatterton, Frank McHugh, George Brent B+
Little Women Dir. George Cukor. Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett B+
Lot in Sodom Dir. James Sibley Watson, Melville Weber. Experimental B+

Morning Glory Dir. Lowell Sherman. Katharine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks Jr. C+
Mystery of the Wax Museum Dir. Michael Curtiz. Lionel Atwill, Glenda Farrell B–

Our Betters Dir. George Cukor. Constance Bennett, Violet Kemble Cooper C+

Picture Snatcher Dir. Lloyd Bacon. James Cagney, Ralph Bellamy, Patricia Ellis B–
The Private Life of Henry VIII Dir. Alexander Korda. Charles Laughton B

Queen Christina Dir. Rouben Mamoulian. Greta Garbo, John Gilbert A–

Sailor's Luck Dir. Raoul Walsh. James Dunn, Sally Eilers, Victor Jory B
She Done Him Wrong Dir. Lowell Sherman. Mae West, Cary Grant B
State Fair Dir. Henry King. Janet Gaynor, Norman Foster, Will Rogers C+
The Story of Temple Drake Dir. Stephen Roberts. Miriam Hopkins B

Zero for Conduct Dir. Jean Vigo. Louis Lefebvre, Gilbert Pruchon B