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The Movies of 1927-28: My Take on Oscar's Ballot
= My Favorite Nominee   /   = Oscar's Winner, if Different  

Best Picture
7th Heaven - Really hard to vote against such sublime romanticism
The Racket - Haven't seen this in a while but didn't get the hype
Wings - Tremendously exciting, both technically and dramatically

Artistic Quality of Production
Chang: A Drama of the Wilderness - A fascinating quasi-ethnographic curiosity
The Crowd - Equals the naturalist novels of the era and the best of its movies
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - Deep wellspring of creativity and feeling

Best Director (Drama)
Frank Borzage, 7th Heaven - Skilled with grammar, gorgeous with emotion
Herbert Brenon, Sorrell and Son - Guides tender male weepie with sure hand
King Vidor, The Crowd - Blends realistic sets and performances with bold images

Best Director (Comedy)
Lewis Milestone, Two Arabian Knights - Impressively maintains tone and energy
Ted Wilde, Speedy - I prefer Knights as a film but Wilde had a tougher, crazier job

Best Actress
Louise Dresser, A Ship Comes In - What is Dresser even doing on this roster?
Janet Gaynor, 7th Heaven, Street Angel, Sunrise - Heaven alone seals it for her
Gloria Swanson, Sadie Thompson - Gives Gaynor some tough competition

Best Actor
Richard Barthelmess, The Noose, The Patent Leather Kid - Good in Patent...
Emil Jannings, The Last Command, The Way of All Flesh - ...but Emil is canon

* The Noose only exists in a non-circulating print at MoMA.
* The Way of All Flesh no longer exists in any identified print.