The Workshop (2017)
aka L'atelier
First screened in October 2017 / Most recently screened in January 2018
Director: Laurent Cantet. Cast: Matthieu Lucci, Marina Foïs, Warda Rammach, Mamadou Doumbia, Florian Beaujean, Issam Talbi, Olivier Thouret, Mélissa Guilbert, Julien Souve, Charlie Bardé, Anne-Sophie Fayolle, Cédric Martinez, Chiara Fauvel, Marie Tarabella, Youcef Agal, Marianne Esposito, Thibaut Hernandez, Axel Caillet, Jorys Leuthreau, Pierre Bouvier, Téva Agobian, Lény Sellam, Patrick Albenque, François Cottrelle. Screenplay: Laurent Cantet and Robin Campillo.

Twitter Capsule: First hour repeats The Class's feat of nimbly managing a vibrant non-professional ensemble but second half stalls out.

VOR:   Could foment interesting discussions in France and elsewhere in Europe, given its frank interest in how young people process cultural tension.

Photo © 2017 Films Distribution/Archipel 35/France 2 Cinéma

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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