First screened in October 2016
Director: Gaston Solnicki. Cast: Laila Maltz, Natali Maltz, María Soldi, Lara Tarlowski, Katia Szechtman, Denise Groesman, Pedro Trocca, Mabel Machado, Lucas Wasserman, Martin Wasserman, Gabriela Brietman, Yanina Solnicki.

Twitter Capsule: Rides a line between dull and slowly engrossing, enigmatic and insubstantial, but I appreciated its formal innovations.

VOR:   Clearly pushes against standard structural forms, much less standard narrative ones, and explores sound-image relations in new ways, too.

Photo © 2016 Filmy Wiktora, © 2017 Cinema Slate

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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