He Loves Me (2018)
First screened in September 2018
Director: Konstantinos Menelaou. Cast: Hermes Pittakos, Sanuye Shoteka, voice of Thanos Lekkas. Screenplay: Konstantinos Menelaou.

Twitter Capsule: As if Julián Hernández made a Greek Boys in the Sand. Unique eye. Risks repetitive montage and sound-image divorce.

Second Capsule: Sometimes this movie suggests Nan Goldin shooting an oceanside vacation that's somewhere between gorgeous and arid. I really liked its look.

VOR:   Sort of Contempt, sort of 9 Songs without the songs, sort of ambitious soft core. Keeps its couple right on the edge of devotio and dissolution.

Photo © 2018 Ne'er Do Well Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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