Ghost Tropic
First screened in October 2019
Director: Bas Devos. Cast: Saadia Bentaïeb, Nora Dari, Stefan Gota, Guy Dermil, Maaike Neuville, Ghasem Mousavi, Willy Thomas, Hayder Helo, Cédric Luvuezo, Koen De Sutter, Michiel Soete, Atef Aher, Nele Vereecken, Mieke Verdin, Jeroen Van der Ven, Vanja Maria Godee, Mira Helmer, Laurent Kumba, Jovial Mbenga, Sara Sampelayo, Mieke De Groote, Anemone Valcke, Alvin Engo, Mirthe Tavernier, Bill Ghewy, Ester Samy. Screenplay: Bas Devos.

Twitter Capsule: Quietly magical city symphony; you hear music, but all the instruments are in their cases. A warm coat made of lace.

VOR:   Tour of one woman's private hours that's neither voyeuristic nor detached. Helpful reminder that structural divisions do not preclude rogue movements.

Photo © 2019 10.80 Films/Minds Meet/Quetzalcoatl

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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