I love to hear your feedback, take rental suggestions, and get an idea of who is reading these reviews. Encouragements, corrections, and competing opinions are always welcomed. Sharing ideas about the site or the movies I review is always the best reason to write:
Remove the parentheses around the "@" sign, which are here to confound spambots.

If you're responding to a particular review, please include the title in your subject line.

If you are seeking a contact in Hollywood, I would love to help you, but I can't. I don't have any industry connections, and I have no access to studios, stars, or agents.

If you're writing a school paper, best wishes, but I cannot do your work for you—and as a teacher, I can tell the difference between avid conversation and veiled manipulation!

If you are interested in citing or formally licensing a review, please ask! I am happy to be quoted when my thoughts are presented in context and with proper attribution. Miramax contracted the rights to one of my reviews for a DVD, and I'd be glad to repeat the experience.

If you are writing in search of a rare movie, I always check Facets Video first: a Chicago-based film foundation that sells and also rents a huge range of movies, from the very old to the very recent, including mainstream, rare, and international titles. eBay is often a great source of even the most elusive movies. Search regularly, and ask prospective sellers about the item's condition, print quality, and region coding—i.e., make sure the film is compatible with your VCR/DVD player! Finally, check your local library, especially if you are near a prominent university or major liberal-arts college. These places often have a lot lying around, and can sometimes foot the bill for pricey rarities, too. If you aren't affiliated with the school, films may still be viewable within the library, or by purchasing limited borrower's rights.

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