Beautiful Something
First screened in September 2015
Director: Joseph Graham. Cast: Zack Ryan, Brian Sheppard, Colman Domingo, John Lescault, Peter Patrikios, Matthew Rios, Carlo D'Amore, Grant Lancaster, David Melissaratos. Screenplay: Joseph Graham.

Twitter Capsule: Atmospheric lighting, erotic thrall are its strongest suits, but prosaic impulses overtake it. Unevenly acted.

VOR:   Swinging away at a grimy romanticism, and willing to study gay desire from multiple angles, but not every thesis or arc is equally fresh. I can't say this lingered much.

Photo © 2015 AltarBoy Productions/Reel Goode Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C+

Reeling Film Festival: Best Actor (whole cast, especially Ryan, Sheppard, Domingo)

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