A Star Is Born (2018)
First screened in September 2018 / Most recently screened in October 2018
Director: Bradley Cooper. Cast: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Sam Elliott, Ravi Gavron, Andrew Dice Clay, Anthony Ramos, Shangela Pierce, William Belli, Dave Chappelle, Lukas Nelson, Michael Harney, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Griffin, Halsey. Screenplay: Eric Roth and Bradley Cooper & Will Fetters (based to varying degrees on the 1954 and 1976 screen versions of A Star Is Born and the uncredited 1937 screen story by William Wellman and Robert Carson).

Twitter Capsule: Savory artpop. Takes trouble to complicate rise/fall dichotomy. Solid to strong across the board. Cooper's perfect.

VOR:   I can't claim massive originality and risk, but it nudges the story in interesting ways. A strong seminar in creative commitment to borrowed material.

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Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Academy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture
Best Actress: Lady Gaga
Best Actor: Bradley Cooper
Best Supporting Actor: Sam Elliott
Best Adapted Screenplay: Eric Roth, Bradley Cooper, and Will Fetters
Best Cinematography: Matthew Libatique
Best Sound Mixing: Tom Ozanich, Dean A. Zupancic, Jason Ruder, and Steven Morrow
Best Original Song: "Shallow"

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Best Picture (Drama)
Best Director: Bradley Cooper
Best Actress (Drama): Lady Gaga
Best Actor (Drama): Bradley Cooper
Best Original Song: "Shallow"

Other Awards:
National Board of Review: Best Director; Best Actress (Gaga); Best Supporting Actor (Elliott)
British Academy Awards (BAFTAs): Best Music (Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Lukas Nelson)

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