Adam (2019)
First screened in October 2019
Director: Maryam Touzani. Cast: Nisrin Erradi, Lubna Azabal, Douae Belkhaouda, Aziz Hattab, Hasna Tamtaoui. Screenplay: Maryam Touzani.

Twitter Capsule: Script beats often familiar, sometimes verging on stock, but rich lensing and soulful cast, especially Azabal, elevate it all.

VOR:   Has the soulfulness, empathy, and polish of films by its producer, Nabil Ayouch, albeit less risky. I'm eager to see Touzani's next move.

Photo © 2019 Ali N' Productions/Les Films du Nouveau Monde

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

Chicago International Film Festival: Roger Ebert Award

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