First screened in November 2019
Directors: Paul Haggis and Dan Krauss. Documentary about the first-ever hospital ward devoted to HIV/AIDS care, at San Francisco General. Interview subjects include Cliff Morrison, Alison Moed Paolercio, Mary Magee, David Denmark, Hank Plante, Lorraine Day, Rita Rockett, Mary Asbury, Harry Breaux, Leah Cleveland, Sasha Cuttler, George Kelly, Guy Vandenberg, Paul Volberding, Steve Williams.

Twitter Capsule: Rich, moving portrait of hospital ward as sustaining community, site of trauma, and grassroots energy within an institution.

VOR:   Not a mold-breaking work aesthetically, but the direct commemoration of this pivotal moment in communal life and medical care is invaluable.

Photo © 2019 RYOT Films/Saville Productions

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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