The Twentieth Century (2019)
First screened in October 2019
Director: Matthew Rankin. Cast: Daniel Beirne, Brent Skagford, Catherine St-Laurent, Louis Negin, Sarianne Cormier, Mikhaïl Ahooja, Sean Cullen, Trevor Anderson, Kee Chan, Satina Scarlett Montaz, Richard Jutras, Emmanuel Schwartz, Charlotte Legault, Marc Ducusin, Raynnie Platz. Screenplay: Matthew Rankin.

Twitter Capsule: Loopy, absurdist spoof-ode-elegy of Canada as a land of unmet dreams. Hilarious, and ingeniously designed.

VOR:   This guy must get so tired of Maddin comparisons, especially as their sensibilities are hardly identical. Preserves momentum amid the ceaseless whimsy.

Photo © 2019 Voyelles Films

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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