First screened in March 2001 / Most recently screened in August 2001
Director: Mike Nichols. TV Movie. Cast: Emma Thompson, Jonathan M. Woodward, Audra McDonald, Eileen Atkins, Christopher Lloyd, Harold Pinter. Screenplay: Emma Thompson and Mike Nichols (based on the play by Margaret Edson).

Twitter Capsule: Thompson shoulders smart translation of proudly brittle play. Is she too warm? Good ensemble. Runaway Bunny scene destroys me.

VOR:   Few plays this strong even get film treatments, much less such proficient and affecting ones. Maybe not a major event, but a rare and savory one.

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Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

Emmy Award Nominations and Winners:
Best TV Movie
Best Director (TV Movie/Miniseries): Mike Nichols
Best Actress (TV Movie/Miniseries): Emma Thompson
Best Supporting Actress (TV Movie/Miniseries): Audra McDonald
Best Screenplay (TV Movie/Miniseries): Emma Thompson & Mike Nichols
Best Film Editing (Single-Camera TV Movie/Miniseries): John Bloom
Best Casting (TV Movie/Miniseries): Ellen Lewis, Juliet Taylor, and Leo Davis

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best TV Movie/Miniseries
Best Actress (TV Movie/Miniseries): Emma Thompson

Other Awards:
Berlin Film Festival: Special Prize of the Ecumenical Jury
National Board of Review: Best Film Made for Cable TV

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