The Teacher (2019)
First screened in August 2019
Director: Chen Ming-Lang. Cast: Oscar Chiu, Sam Chang, Winnie Chang, He Zi-Hua, Xue Shi-Ling, Lin Jin-Yu, Chin Tsu-Yin, Cheng Chih-Chung, Chan Kai-An, Jasper Chen, Chou Yi-Yen. Screenplay: Chen Ming-Lang.

Twitter Capsule: Not the silkiest iteration of queer melodrama, but moving nonetheless. Rare and impressively frank coming from China.

VOR:   Whatever its aesthetic limits or adherence to known scripts, this is brave as an AIDS narrative and a gay-male story. Odd but memorable opening.

Photo © 2019 Swallow Wings

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B–

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