Private Life (2018)
First screened in December 2018
Director: Tamara Jenkins. Cast: Kathryn Hahn, Paul Giamatti, Kayli Carter, Molly Shannon, John Carroll Lynch, Denis O'Hare, Emily Robinson, Desmin Borges, Nick Sullivan, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Lizzy DeClement, Francesca Root-Dodson. Screenplay: Tamara Jenkins.

Twitter Capsule: Every other element works in modest service to the exemplary script and cast. Touching, funny, and ever more complex.

VOR:   Muted cinematic technique may imply less value or risk, but few people attempt such multifaceted portraiture, especially around these under-depicted themes.

Photo © 2018 Netflix/Likely Story

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: A–

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