Kiss of Death (1947)
Screened in October 2010
Director: Henry Hathaway. Cast: Victor Mature, Brian Donlevy, Coleen Gray, Richard Widmark, Taylor Holmes, Karl Malden, Mildred Dunnock, Anthony Ross, Wendell K. Phillips, Marilee Grassini, Tito Vuolo, Don Giovanni (seriously), Dort Clark, Consuela O'Connor, Gloria O'Connor. Screenplay: Ben Hecht and Charles Lederer, based on an original screen story by Eleazar Lipsky.
Twitter Capsule: Henry Hathaway beats the Victor Mature Problem and his rep for static style to deliver taut, morally twisty thrills.

Photo © 1947 20th Century Fox
Not yet reviewed in full. A–

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Supporting Actor: Richard Widmark
Best Original Story: Eleazar Lipsky

Golden Globe Nominations and Winners:
Most Promising Male Newcomer: Richard Widmark

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