Ivana the Terrible
First screened in September 2019
Director: Ivana Mladenović. Cast: Ivana Mladenović, Gordana Mladenović, Kosta Mladenović, Miodrag Mladenović, Živka Mladenović, Luka Gramić, Andrei Dinescu, Anca Pop, Slavisă Tufajević, Danijela Barac Kostandinović, Miki Vasiljević, Marica Nastasijević, Mirka Popović. Screenplay: Ivana Mladenović and Adrian Schiop.

Twitter Capsule: What begins as a light, rather self-regarding comedy accumulates layers as a study of relationships and borders.

VOR:   Experience changes if you know how many cast members are playing "themselves." Impressively, though, jokes and themes still click if you don't.

Photo © 2019 Televiziunea Romana

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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