In My Room (2018)
First screened in November 2019
Director: Ulrich Köhler. Cast: Hans Löw, Elena Radonicich, Michael Wittenborn, Ruth Bickelhaupt, Katharine Linder, Emma Bading, Felix Schmidt-Knopp, Kathrin Resetarits. Screenplay: Ulrich Köhler.

Twitter Capsule: Plausibly evokes dystopian solitude, via sharp sound and camera. Elaborate allegory of grief, among many other subjects.

VOR:   Some of what's shakiest (fantasies of individual self-reliance and of idealistic star-crossed partnership, etc.) is also intriguingly ironized.

Photo © 2018 Pandora Film Produktion,
© 2019 Grasshopper Film

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B+

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