Deepwater Horizon
First screened in February 2017
Director: Ezra Edelman. Documentary about O.J. Simpson's background, his rise to football and pop-cultural superstardom, and his perpetrations of domestic violence and murder. Interview subjects include Mike Albanese, F. Lee Bailey, Danny Bakewell, Joe Bell, Marcia Clark, Carl Douglas, Earl Edwards, Mark Fuhrman, Gil Garcetti, David Gascon, Fred Goldman, Robin Greer, Bill Hodgman, Linda Jay, Jim Newton, Ron Shipp, Mark Ridley Thomas, and Jeffrey Toobin.

Twitter Capsule: I most appreciate how contexts and moral gray zones proliferate. Still more engrossing than inspired or new.

VOR:   The scope, depth, and impact of this documentary impressed me more than the actual filmmaking always did, but it has a huge task, sharply managed.

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Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: C

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Sound Editing: Wylie Stateman and Renee Tondelli
Best Visual Effects: Craig Hammack, Jason H. Snell, Jason Billington, and Burt Dalton

Other Awards:
National Board of Review: Spotlight Award (Berg and Wahlberg)

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