Cape Fear (1991)
First screened in Spring 1992 / Most recently screened in July 2016
Director: Martin Scorsese. Cast: Nick Nolte, Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, Juliette Lewis, Joe Don Baker, Illeana Douglas, Fred Dalton Thompson, Robert Mitchum, Gregory Peck, Martin Balsam, Zully Montero, Domenica Scorsese, Esther Rolle. Screenplay: Wesley Strick (based on the novel The Executioners by John D. MacDonald and the 1962 film Cape Fear, written by James R. Webb and directed by J. Lee Thompson).

Twitter Capsule: Amped up to the point of showoffery, but of the best, weirdest, most disturbing and exhilarating kind. The women amaze.

VOR:   Scorsese dislikes the film, but in declining to get overserious, he releases fresh energies in the material and in his own toolbox. Weirdly gets deeper as it gets slicker.

Photo © 1991 Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment

Not yet reviewed in full. A–

(in Spring 1992: A)

Academy Award Nominations:
Best Actor: Robert De Niro
Best Supporting Actress: Juliette Lewis

Golden Globe Nominations:
Best Actor (Drama): Robert De Niro
Best Supporting Actress: Juliette Lewis

Other Awards:
Chicago Film Critics Association: Most Promising Actress (Lewis)

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