First screened in September 2018
Director: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Cast: David Schachter, Geoff Edholm, David Rose, Billy Lux, Susan Schneider, Libby Saines, Joyce Korn, Damon Hairston, Tracy Vivat. Screenplay: Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.

Twitter Capsule: Sort of rudimentary technique but harnesses its simplicity to powerful ends. Admirably complex messaging about HIV/AIDS.

Second Capsule: This was among my most powerful communal viewing experiences in several years of attending @ReelingFilmFest. I'm so grateful they showed it.

VOR:   Most obviously important as the first narrative feature to engage forthrightly with HIV/AIDS. Just as revealing of a now-lost independent film scene.

Photo © 1985 New Line Cinema, © 2018 Vinegar Syndrome

Not yet reviewed in full. Grade: B

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